Google Classroom

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We hope all members of our school community are safe and well and that adherence to the restrictions aren’t too cumbersome on you. In line with recent updates, Our Lady of Mercy College will remain closed until further notice.
As a Google school we are in a very strong position to continue teaching & learning.

If your daughter has not done so already, we strongly recommend that she would join the GOOGLE CLASSROOM for each of her classes and year group.

To do this the student must log into their Our Lady of Mercy College Gmail account and go to the Classroom Icon.

Once she has joined a Classroom for each of her classes work will be posted here over the closure period where possible.

Here is a step by step link to help you and your daughter manage google classroom:

Practical Considerations:
1)Your daughter must sign in twice daily to her school email account for updates.
2) Students were advised to bring their textbooks home before the school closed.
3) Please be aware that many of their books come with a free ebook - these can usually be accessed by means of a code found on the inside of the paper version of the book. The codes are also available on the Yearhead google classroom page.
4) We will communicate any updates via webtexts.