About Us


statueOur History and Background

The school community comprises parents, students, staff, management and others who all have a responsibility to contribute to the total educative process.

Inspired by the vision of Catherine Mc Auley, Mercy Education is committed to holistic development and to the achievement of the full potential of each student, particularly those who are disadvantaged or marginalised.  It is a process informed and influenced by the teaching and example of Jesus Christ and is conducted in an atmosphere of care, respect and joy.  Mercy education is committed to on-going whole-school development in collaboration and partnership with the Board of Management, Staff, Pupils, Parents and the wider community.

Our Aims

 We aim at the formation of the complete person by assisting in the harmonious development of the spiritual, intellectual, moral and social development of each pupil.

  • In the spiritual field we aim at creating for the school community an atmosphere enlivened by the Gospel Spirit of freedom and charity and relating all human culture to the good news of salvation, so that the Light of Faith will enlighten the knowledge that students gradually gain of the world, of life and of mankind.
  • We cultivate the intellect with unremitting attention, promote a sense of values, and prepare the student for work after school.
  • We encourage our students to weigh moral matters with an upright conscience and to embrace them by personal choice.
  • Socially, we train our pupils to take part in social life, by proper instruction in necessary and useful skills so that they can become actively involved in various community organisations.


Management of the School

The school is under the trusteeship of CEIST and is run by a Board of Management.

Each Board of Management serves for three years and comprises;

4          Trustee representatives

2          Teacher representative

2          Parent representatives.

The principal acts as secretary to the board.

School Facilities

  • 2 Science Labs
  • Home Economics Kitchen
  • Sewing Room
  • Computer Room
  • Library
  • Student Canteen
  • Concert Hall
  • Gym
  • Sports Field
  • Demonstration Room
  • Art Room
  • Oratory
  • RE Room
  • 25 General Classrooms