Open Evening 2020












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Mercy Beaumont Open Evening on Near FM

Hello and Welcome to our first ever Virtual Open Evening.

We are so happy that you have chosen to learn more about our school and we are excited to show you! 

Virtual Tour

Meet our Principal

Take a Virtual Tour of our school

Meet our Deputy Principal


Meet our Head Girl

Meet our Deputy Head Girl

Meet our First Years

Meet our Second Years

A Busy Day for Transition Year Students in Mercy Beaumont

An Introduction to our English Department

This video showcases just some of the beautiful performances and cultural celebrations that take place every year for our renowed International Day & Cultural Week organised by Ms Offiah

Anna (our deputy Head Girl) is also our Cultural Prefect - here she talk about what this means in our school

Visit our Science Lab and meet our Scientists!

Meet our Biologists

Watch a chemistry experiment!

Hear from one of our Physics students

A little summary of JC Science

Our PE Prefects showing you some of what we do for PE 

Learn all about studying PE as a Leaving Cert Subject

Let our 5th Years tell you what they enjoy about learning German

Our 2nd Years have a greeting for you (en français!)

Pay a little visit to our 5th Year French Classroom

Hear all about our busy business department!