Pastoral Care


pastoral careCare Programme

Each year group is under the care of a Year Head who has overall responsibility for the attendance, punctuality and general conduct of the students in his/her particular year group.  Each group has a Class Tutor who is responsible for daily attendance.

The Guidance Counsellor and Chaplains provide a comprehensive service to individual students and to groups of students in the areas of personal, educational, spiritual and vocational development.  Students are helped to cope with problems which arise either academic and/or personal.  Individual counselling is available to all students and students are referred to other bodies as appropriate.

The school has a Care Team who look after student welfare as appropriate.

The Class Tutor is the first “port of call” in matters of student welfare.  They will monitor the progress of  his/her students in every area of school life.  They work in close co-operation with Year Heads and other parts of the Pastoral Care structure to ensure the best solution is found to any difficulties that may arise.