Teaching Remotely

April 2020

Dear Parent/ Guardian,

As part of its delivery of remote learning, the school is organising a series of virtual classroom events to allow teachers and students to interact in real time using the GSuite/Zoom video conferencing platforms. Teachers will communicate the details and scheduled times to students on their Google Classroom or by email and their school email account will also be used to control access to each virtual lesson. Care is needed to ensure the online security of everyone involved.

Students are reminded that all of the school’s policies, notably the Code of Behaviour and the Acceptable Use Policy, apply during these online lessons. When students join a virtual lesson their device cameras and microphones are off by default (this setting is controlled by the teacher). However, as the virtual classroom provides an opportunity for participation, teachers may encourage some audio and/or video interaction with students. Students are being advised of best practice around this participation e.g. quiet location, proper attire, no personal information visible in background (bedrooms etc best avoided) etc.

No live recording will be done using the GSuite or other video conferencing platform without informing the class. Students can then revisit the class for clarification or catch up as it will only be posted in their class group.This is to respect the personal data of all, both teachers and students, who participate in each virtual lesson. All are reminded that no recording (or screen photograph) of any part of the video lesson should be made by any other means. The recording and onwards sharing of personal data would be unlawful as well as a contravention of the school’s policies.

The school appreciates your support to ensure that best learning outcomes are achieved while also respecting everybody’s privacy at home. If at any stage you have any concerns or wish to provide any feedback then please do not hesitate to contact the school.